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Bluegrass Heritage Festival 2014

BLUEGRASS HERITAGE FESTIVAL 2014 was a wonderful event.  Our great thanks to everyone who attended, the incredible bands that performed, our wonderful sponsors, and our amazing crew of volunteers.  Check back soon for news about upcoming events!

Friday & Saturday March 7-8 2014
South Oaks Baptist Church
5925 U. S. Highway 287, Arlington, Texas 76017

The Bluegrass Heritage Foundation welcomes your donations to preserve and promote the heritage of bluegrass music in America. Click the donate button to donate online. YOUR INQUIRIES AND DONATIONS ARE WELCOMED!

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Heritage Foundation
Advisory Board

Deb Bledsoe
Greg Cahill
Mike Drudge
Ned Luberecki
Claire Lynch
Alan Munde
Missy Raines
Jim Roe
Herb Sandker
Amanda Smith
Kenny Smith
Rhonda Vincent

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